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Ron Nichols can help

Ron is available for workflow consulting services in your studio or via online training meetings. Prior to your sessions, He works with you to determine a set of goals based on the needs and issues of your studio environment. He helps you identify areas that will save you time, money and increase your sales. An efficient workflow is having systems and processes in place that everyone in the studio can understand, all without being dependent on a single employee. Ron teaches practical and efficient processes and guides you in making these a part of your everyday studio workflow. He can guide you from image capture to final output. Whether it’s ProSelect training and setup, color management, retouching or systems analysis, Ron will help you to make more money. Fees begin at $4000 for two days of on-site services plus travel expenses. Online consulting billed hourly. To learn more about our studio consulting services, contact us.

Services Can Include:


- Advanced ProSelect Workflows

- Computers and Networking

- Data Storage Solutions

- Software installation

- AssetManagement

- Archiving

- Workflow Processes

- Color Management/Profiling

- Sales and Presentation

- Retoucher Training

- Employee Training

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